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After careful consideration, we have decided to discontinue producing new episodes of the podcast. However, we have more than 40 episodes for you to enjoy at any time, and will keep them alive on all the channels and YouTube.

All About Your Life Path Number

Spiritual Basics Podcast Episode #45 In numerology, your Life Path Number is like your astrological Sun Sign. It reveals traits of your inner self, potential career paths, your designated life lessons, and more. Today we start out by teaching how to properly calculate your number, then we lead you through the meanings of each. DoContinue reading “All About Your Life Path Number”

Fun with your Birth Chart

Spiritual Basics Podcast Episode #44 In this week’s episode, we go beyond the basic birth chart and share some other fun things you can learn about your planet placements. We dive into things like Solar and Saturn returns, chart shapes, dominant elements & planets, signature signs, astrocartography, North and South Nodes, your Vertex, and PartContinue reading “Fun with your Birth Chart”

All About Planet Retrogrades

Spiritual Basics Podcast Episode #43 You’ve probably heard about Mercury Retrograde – but did you know that most of the other planets also go into retrograde? Travel with us through the solar system as we visit the planets to talk about their traits and what to expect during their retrograde period. You may want toContinue reading “All About Planet Retrogrades”

All About Colors

Spiritual Basics Podcast Episode #42 Today we’re all about color! Learn the spiritual meaning of different colors in the spectrum and how to use them in your practice – including healing, divination, crystals, and more. We also cover some fun facts and the historical significance of different colors, and April teaches us about color therapy.Continue reading “All About Colors”


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